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Cement Business Value Chain

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Course Details

Although cement business looks like a commodity product, yet it is one of the most competitive industries with varieties of “Key Success Factors”. The simulation presents a big-picture overview, end-to-end, of cement production business value chain; from factory process, manufacturing process, product positioning, sales and marketing, and customer segmentation.

The simulation was designed for Business Acumen training for talent individuals. As the target participants are often from different department and ranking, they need to combine individual brain power and expertise for creating a fruitful result.

Learning Outcome

  • Comprehend key success factors along value chain of cement production business

  • Understand the key process and constrain

  • Able to manage resource to serve customer’s need effectively

  • Understand financial statements, accounting transaction and cost analysis

  • Able to justify investment decisions

  • Understand and able to apply key financial ratios to operation decision makings (GP margin, Contribution Margin, NI margin, ROE, etc.)

  • Able to benchmark financial performance with competitors