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Ancient Voodoo
Ancient Voodoo
Ancient Voodoo
Ancient Voodoo

Change Management

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Course Details

The rapid expansion of the digital experience, resulted in more complex customer needs; convenient, user friendly, and faster service. To cope with such dynamics, organizations must be ready for change and able to adapt themselves quickly; change at executive level (strategic change), change at middle management level (operating procedure), or change at staff level (cultural change).

In order to successfully drive those changes, managers and supervisors must understand the basics of “Change Management”.

Ancient Voodoo simulation was designed to help and support those who are the key driver of change within their organization. This simulation develop end-to-end understanding of Change Management process from “initiate” to “sustain” the change.

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of factors Influencing Change Management

  • Understanding of the context of Change Management and the factors that lead to success.

  • Understand process of change Management and able to develop;

    • Objective of change management

    • Change Management Process within organization

  • Able to productively communication and drive successful change

  • Able to Integrated Change Management with existing role and responsibility.

  • Understand factors and resistance to change management.