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D2I Life Assurance

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Course Details

We are moving towards data-driven culture where several applications are possible; risk can be mitigated, root caused can be correctly identified, reduce decision-making time, improve marketing strategy, help understand customer behavior, prevent fraud, target market can be chosen to maximize sales result, business process can be shortened, speed of service can be improved, etc. The application of data driven approach is endless.

Development in social media, and growing number of products/services has tremendously increased the amount of available data. For us to cope with such increase, we must understand the basic of data analytic; techniques, approach, framework, to better conduct our analysis in a time-efficient manner. Or else we will be lost in a sea of data where we lose considerable amount of time and get no direction.

This course is designed for participants to practice breakdown problems, setting assumptions, and test their hypothesis. Using data analytic technique to support their analysis, they will be able to determine appropriate action for their team, or make sound decision to create positive business result.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand fundamental of data-driven approach to insights development

  • Emphasize the importance of analysis activities with data support

  • Able to analyze internal and external factor to determine appropriate strategy

  • Support findings/conclusion with quantitative and/or qualitative analysis

  • Pattern recognition, able to spot arising opportunity

- Systematic thinking, able to identify root cause