Parallel Power

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Course Details

In the world of digital marketing, beginners often start out by learning how to use or advertising on social media channels like Facebook and end up with a huge budget which only comes with a certain number of Visitor or Fan pages. How good would it be if the amount of money invested can also be exchanged with Loyal customer base who constantly buy products and are truly satisfied with our brand It is important to study and understand your customers before creating a strategy and making the marketing plan clearer and more accurate.

Parallel Power allow leaner to practice marketing skill by focusing on the customer. Starting from the Customer Segmentation and target market. After cutomer is identified, learner need to study customer profile in detail and develop persona to formulate marketing strategy. At the same time, learner must select a communication channel, set a selling price and designing after-sales service to create a customer experience, and of course, which team players can create the best customer experience will have the most opportunity to generate sales as well.

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding how to segment customer
  • Understading Customer Profile and Persona
  • Understanding how to create Value Proposition
  • Pricing strategy
  • Building Customer Relationship
  • Dealing with risks