Bangkok Rangers
Bangkok Rangers
Bangkok Rangers
Bangkok Rangers

Strategic Thinking Insurance Business

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Course Details

Although insurance market has seen a slow growth in premium in the last few years, major changes have been in the consumer behavior. Customers are more educated and have wider channel selection as new players emerge. It is critical that insurance companies can find the right partners who can keep them ahead of the competition.

Brokers plays a major role in non-life insurance business as their ability to attract clients through a variety of choices. While non-life insurance companies have to continuously improve their product portfolio and services. Both parties should be aware that one cannot exist without the other. Because they both offer a unique value proposition where the other parties cannot offer.

Bangkok Rangers simulation was designed to stimulate how non-life insurance companies can build long-term relationships with insurance brokers, what are acceptable risks, and what are unacceptable.

Learning Outcome

  • Improve strategic thinking skills and customer analysis skill

  • Understand key success factors of broker and non-life insurance company

  • Understand that customers have various needs and able to serve their demand by using the available data

  • Understand overall big-picture of broker and non-life insurance company and learn how to sustain relationship

  • Able to analyze financial statement and key insurance ratios (CAR Ratio and Loss Ratio)