The Advisor (Intermediate)
The Advisor (Intermediate)
The Advisor (Intermediate)
The Advisor (Intermediate)

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The Advisor (Intermediate)

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Course Details

In digital age, business model has evolved into a much more complex structure. To better serve fragmented need of corporate customer, wholesale banking service providers need to advance themselves; product specialist, business advisory, client insight, and risk-return tradeoff, to become “trusted” advisor of corporate clients.

The Advisor (Intermediate) simulation is designed to sharpen business knowledge for corporate and commercial business unit; to better develop insights from customer’s financial statement, prepare a comprehensive interview questions, and utilize information available to reduce bank’s credit risk.

Learning Outcome

  • Practice analyzing customer’s pain-point, agenda, and propose solution

  • Banker’s Role – analyzing client’s business agenda and deduce client’s problem in order to propose a set of banking products that will help ease client’s pain point

  • Advisory Role – Practice insight analysis and determine client’s Personal Agenda, in order to propose Business Advices that help strengthen customer relationship

  • Risk Return – Educate participants to revise their Business Advice and problem solving approach that are suitable for client and generate adequate return for the bank’s credit risk

  • Business Savvy – Train participants to understand customer’s business through strategic thinking framework, and able to propose appropriate wholesale products – Trade products, Business Cash Management, Financing products, Investment, and M&A