Data Analytics

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Course Details

As data grew more rapidly in size and variety of format (text, voice, VDOs, etc.), it has become increasingly difficult to collect, combine, organize, analyze, and interpret. Though there are various tools and software to help visualize data, the ability to manipulate data is still essential for unconventional problem-solving tasks.

A comprehensive understanding of data analytics is therefore necessary; small data, big data, type of data analysis, visualization of data, and synthesize findings.

Virus X business simulation is designed to allow learners to practice a variety of tools in data analytics (issue trees, pivot table, pyramid diagram, etc.) to better decompose problems and propose appropriate solutions in everyday business environment.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand big picture of “Business Intelligence” and “Data Analytics”
  • Understand difference between Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics
  • Able to use Pivot Table for Descriptive Analytics to identify root-cause from internal external factor
  • Able to use appropriate chart for data visualization