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Course Details

As rising cost of living becomes dominant trend around the world, birth rate around the world is declining at a surprising rate. Although, each family sought to increase their spending per child, baby nutrition market is shrinking due to smaller number of babies each year. Strictly regulations and rising breast-feeding trend are also major threats that lead up to the business downturn. In response to this situation, existing players seek for opportunity in emerging market, such as tailored-nutrition, which requires the need for better strategy planning which are thoroughly created and response simultaneously with the situation on hand.

For these reason, it is obvious that strategic decision shall not be limited to only the top part of an organization, but every level of employee, including the middle management, should possess the ability to independently create their own strategy aligning with the vision of the organization. This simulation is designed for participants to practice managing value drivers along the value chain of an FMCG business in harmonize with the strategy obtain from the top level and to be adaptive to dynamically changing market trend and competitive environment.

Learning Outcome

  • Provide the overview understanding of FMCG business’s value chain
  •  Practice Strategic Management skill in a changing business environment, including social and economic events such as “megatrends”.
  •  Emphasize critical success factors that create alignment between vision and strategy
  •  Practice Resource Management skill while maintaining competitiveness in the market place