Wall Street Journey
Wall Street Journey
Wall Street Journey

Wall Street Journey

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Course Details

Emerging trends and digital development have driven banking industry into a complex and unstructured market segments. The value chain of banking industries that was once monopolized by banks, is now broken. Many fin-tech companies have evolved and take over parts of the value chain in financial services. “Wall Street” simulation aims to redefine strategic thinking of key decision makers (VPs, Managers, and Supervisors) and prepare them for inevitable major market change. The focus of the simulation is to train participants to be strategically adaptive to changing market environment and competition landscape.

Learning Outcome

  • Improve Strategic Thinking skill through the use of Mintzberg’s 5p strategy; Plan, Pattern, Position, Perspective, Ploy
  • Practice strategic planning skill through perceptual map of each customer clusters
  • Practice Resource Management skill to coincide with strategic planning
  • Practice Strategic Management skill in a changing business environments
  • Social and Economic events
  • Megatrends (Individualism, Aging Society, The digital era, etc.)
  • Improve Liquidity Management skill while maintaining competitiveness in the market place
  • Practice Strategic Execution in alignment with the bank’s vision