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The Plaza

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Course Details

In light of changing consumer behavior and fragmented demand, we face new challenges every day. It is crucial that employees can adapt to increase competition, maintain a leading position, and grow Loyal Customer portfolio. To achieve those goals, employees must have certain key competencies that can consistently delight customers, namely; Strategic Planning, Consumer Insight, and sharp Execution skills.

The Plaza Simulation mimic real-world business complication between 3 stakeholders; The Plaza, Merchant, and Shoppers. All three players must interact, buy/sell, trade, negotiate and find ways to work together under situation where their interest conflicts with each other and under time constrain. Each decision thereby critical to their immediate financial result and long-term customer confident.

The Plaza Simulation was designed for participants to practice 3 skills; Strategic Thinking, Negotiation, and Execution. Through simulation, they will be tasked with 2 business goals;

1. Commercial Mindset – Generate profit for their organization and satisfy their customers

2. Sustainability – Create and maintain a fruitful relationship with other stakeholder

Learning Outcome

Leading retail operator don’t necessarily have more capital or have more experience that others. But there are a few things that they do better the followers; Understanding customer need, Strategic Thinking, Investment Planning, Negotiation, and Execution As such, at the end of the course, the participants will be able to

  • 1. Plan their strategy, manage their limited resource to align with strategy
  • 2. Plan their investment that optimize profit
  • 3. Negotiate with other stakeholders to find a win-win solution
  • 4. Create a comprehensive Execution plan that limit risk and align with company’s vision