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Course Details

Today the energy market is receiving more and more attention from all sectors. Especially, alternative energy groups such as solar cells (solar energy) because production cost prices tend to decline. Government and small businesses were created to support the energy business, especially clean energy, to grow steadily. The number of people interested in installing solar panels has increased accordingly, but the cost of installation per household is high and causing difficulties for some households. So there is a solar panel rental model to meet this demand. 

It can be seen that the retail business, such as selling and renting solar panels, has to be adjusted according to the market and understand the problem of buyers as fully as any other business so that entrepreneurs can add value to their products including strategies to defeat new competitors emerging in the market as well. 

Cleanergy business simulation game offers learner the opportunity to study solar cell business models, both sales and leasing models. Starting from Customer segmentation, Target Market, Customer data analysis for persona and used it to plan marketing strategies based on customer needs. Learner will practice choosing a communication channel which align with customer behavior, setting a sales price strategy including after-sales service to create a good customer experience to help organizations achieve maximum sales and profit.

Learning Outcome

  • Analyze the value chain of the downstream solar business
  • Understanding 2 Business Model of Solar Cells (sales and leasing models)
  • Understand how to segment the market (customer segmentation) and reach out to market segments with different strategies.
  • Understand the principles of value creation of products or services to meet the needs of each type of customer (Value Proposition)
  • Understand the basic Public Relation (PR) principles
  • Understand how to build Customer Relation.
  • Analyze financial statements and investment planning for maximum profitability
  • Understanding how to manage risks in the solar business.