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Coal War

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Course Details

Today, coal is the main fuel for electricity generation and coal demand is constantly increasing. In addition to that, coal is an inexpensive energy source because it can be easily found. It also has reserves that can be used for more than 150 years. Although the current generation of electricity may be substituted with other types of fuels. But with the advantages of coal, as a result, coal is still used as the main fuel for electricity generation in the world today.

However, running coal business involves many risks. Whether it is the collapse of the soil, The contractor left the job, regulations from the government, and people involved in this business. Therefore, it should study and understand the risk management that may affect the financial statements of the business. 

Coal War Simulation is designed for teaching Business Acumen subjects, which will give students a Big Picture Overview of coal management. Since finding customers Until reaching the coal delivery to the customer Including dealing with problems that arise.

Learning Outcome

  • Analysis of the coal business value chain
  • Investment plan for maximum profit
  • Managing coal mining contractor
  • Plan to reduce cost of coal operation
  • Risk management in the coal business