Design Thinking & Innovation

Design Thinking & Innovation

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Course Details

The design thinking process is one of the strategies that are widely used in innovative business. “Ingenious Simulation” will guide you on how to leverage the idea that aspires to a growth mindset in the businesses environment through the comparisons between the design thinking process which is a major process to encourage business leaders to recognize their target insight in a well-thought-out manner, and innovative problem-solving to solve business challenges and strategy to the new normal.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand how leaders can create the optimal environment
  • Build team dynamics to conduct innovation and collaboration
  • Apply creative solutions and behavior-change analysis
  • Define the challenge andapproach problems with a growth mindset
  • Market researchand competitive Intelligence
  • Apply human-centered designthrough techniques
  • Create your ownstrategic initiatives
  • Integrates creative problem-solving and management
  • Rapid Prototyping