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Course Details

Nowadays Electrical energy is a vital source of energy that can be considered part of billions of lives. This is because the demand for energy in the country tends to increase steadily according to the global population. Development of technology And daily ways of living that change according to economic and social conditions Although there are many alternative sources of energy, Coal-fired power plants remain the most stable source of electricity supply. However, operating a power plant business has severe impacts on the environment and communities. The government has therefore played a role in controlling and interfering with the management of power plants. As a result, operators have higher management costs.

Powervana business simulation game provide learner the opportunity to practice business management skills. Starting from investment planning Establish a strategy for power plant business for a competitive advantage (Synergy) As well as providing opportunities for students to face risks in various areas that may arise. In this way, in order to manage the power plant management can generate electricity efficiently and operate the business for stable growth. People involved in this business Should have an understanding of the management of the power plant business as a whole.

Learning Outcome

• Analysis of the value chain of power plant business

• Able to analyze and refer to the source of expenses in the financial statements.

• Making a power plant construction investment plan and analyze strategies to gain competitive advantage (Synergy)

• Analyze risks and methods for mitigating them in the power plant business.

       - Fire risk at coal storage

       - Equipment risks such as Boiler Breakdown, Turbine Breakdown, Generator Breakdown

       - Risk of impact on community and environment

       - The risk of changing laws and government policies